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MicroShip will also help you with larger house moves. Your home and all of the things that make it your special place deserve to be carried safely with you to your next residence.  We should probably call our house moves ‘home moves,’ because that’s what they are.

Many of our small move clients come back to us for their larger moves, because they know us and they know they’ll be happy with the service.  So when you find yourself in need of help for a larger house move, call the company that’s been trusted by customers for over 20 years – MicroShip.

Here’s why:

Your larger move will be well-orchestrated.  

MicroShip never cuts corners on a residential move of all the things that are important to you. The belongings that make your house a home are a collection of dreams, memories, gifts from friends, hard-earned furniture, your favorite shoes and all of the little things that reflect your life. You deserve a house move that respects your possessions as much as you do.

Everything is important to us when planning a house move

Packing. We always consider unpacking when packing so that items destined for each room end up there.

Unpacking. Depending on your needs, we will unpack your belongings as carefully as we packed them. We’ll remove blankets and shrink wrap from furniture and slide it into place.

Timing. On packing day and delivery day we’ll show up on time so that you can stay on your busy schedule.

Courtesy. Our moving experts respect your space, especially when you are still living in it.  We work diligently while keeping noise and disruption to a minimum.

Communication.  There’s nothing worse than not knowing what’s going on in a house move.  We create a schedule, share it with you and then stick to it. Should anything change, you are the first to know.

Budget. Our job is to bring you exceptional service at the lowest price. We can do that by consolidating shipments wherever possible and eliminating minimum weight restrictions that often accompany partially filled moving vans. Our out-of-state house moves are cheaper than renting a truck, and way easier.

If you’re planning a residential move, give us a call at 800-479-7447.

Everything is handled with care with larger moving projects.

Whether it’s a pair of oil lamps that came with Grandma and Grandpa from Italy, a library of books or the entertainment center you spent 3 days assembling, our professionally trained movers will protect each and every piece until it arrives safely at your new home.  Our house move crews are second to none.  

Surviving a house move is easy for your possessions. All furniture is blanketed and padded. Upholstered furniture is shrink-wrapped.  Your china and crystal will be packed carefully in boxes and closet contents carefully marked to ensure a successful house move.

You’ll have peace of mind.

No matter how exciting a house move is, making the transition can be both emotional and stressful.  It’s normal to be anxious about the change. You should not have to be anxious about the mover. With MicroShip your house move is in the hands of highly trained professionals who, like you, know what it’s like to move.

All residential move quotes are guaranteed so there are no surprises later on; and so you aren’t wondering what’s happening during the move, we communicate our progress along the way.  We want our part of your house move to be, well, almost invisible.

Have you just closed on a new home? Then it’s time to call MicroShip.

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