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Senior Moving Company Chicago

Senior moves are more prevalent than ever.  With the baby boomers bursting at the seams, senior moving activity is at an all time high. Where will we go? South? Southwest? Where will I go? Back with the kids?  Into assisted living? You have enough on your mind without worrying about how you’re going to transport your valuables.  We get it. We will help you. Senior moves are near and dear to our hearts.
Today’s senior moves run the gamut.  Some seniors are moving to warmer climates. Many are downsizing into assisted living or moving in with family members. Still others are choosing to finally get their dream home. Whatever the need, MicroShip is here to make senior moves effortless, affordable and worry-free.

We understand how emotional senior moves can be.

Years and years of accumulation and the memories that go with it can make parting with items difficult for seniors.  The items that are chosen to stay with them become even more precious.  The rest is often intended for other family members. When we help seniors move, we consider their feelings about the disposition of their heirlooms, and provide solutions that are consistent with their wishes.

We keep senior moves affordable.

That’s why we not only explore the most economical options for them, we also offer discounts. If you are a senior moving out of state we can move your things for less money that it costs to rent a truck and have your kids drive them.  Senior moves are right up our alley.

We provide storage for partial senior moves.

Let’s face it. We’re all accumulating artifacts. Some we live with every day. Some we want to pass on. But when three or four generations-worth of ‘I’ve been saving this for you’ converge, it can be a problem.  MicroShip has more than one answer. Let us help create a custom senior move for you.
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We offer state to state service. 

With so many families are scattered across the country, senior moves often involve crossing state lines. So, when a grandparent moves in with or closer to family in another state, logistics are important. MicroShip understands the needs of those who now find themselves in smaller spaces. There’s no senior move we can’t handle.

Antiques are important to family history.

During senior moves we treat antiques like family for several reasons. They once belonged to another era, or an ancestor. They have survived decades, (maybe even a century) of use. They’re valuable because of their history and rarity. When they are lost, a piece of history is gone forever. MicroShip understands that. During any senior move your treasures are our responsibility.

Our senior moves help both seniors and their families.

At a time when seniors are assessing their futures, their legacy and their options, we provide a patient and understanding sounding board for their concerns. It is our commitment to ease the transition to the lifestyle they are entering while preserving the legacy they have built. Senior moves are special to us too.
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